Monday, January 31, 2011

Idea Infuser

                 THE IDEA INFUSER 

The Idea Infuser is a compilation of one hundred and ten folders.

The Thesaurus lists about twelve thousand of the words listed in the English dictionary; words which have synonyms. It serves as a source for a writer who is in search for a word which he or she feels would be more appropriate in expressing his or her idea. Most words have only a few synonyms. The dictionary contains about two hundred thousand words.

Now, for the first time in the history of ALL languages, there exists a ‘SOURCE’ of ideas for all writers,-- novice or professional.

Now, frustrated and on-the-verge-of-quitting, potential dropouts will find and embrace this fantastic new concept .

Now, countless tens of millions of potential ‘losers’ all over the world will find themselves, in a sense, ‘ reborn’ as they find delight and enthusiasm with their newly found good fortune.

According to Google, each and every day about one thousand students in this great country drop out of further schooling.

The dominant reason, of the myriad of reasons for this, is the centuries old, unchanged, rigid curricula which produces the “ I hate English” attitude of the quitter….It must be revised.

The impending requirements of producing compositions and , term papers, which of course, must be flawless, is disheartening.

The Idea Infuser is the only curriculum which can change the lives and attitudes of young minds all over the world.

Instead of distain and disappointment with the language , delight, optimism and a ‘positive ‘ attitude can be introduced,

Each Folder in the Infuser contains hundreds of suggested …

‘ promptings’; these are single words, definitions, phrases and segmented sentences. All are pertinent to the subject which requires elaboration. ( All of which were written more than fifty years ago, eliminating any basis for the fear of plagiarism .)

See the folder, ‘ Personality, positive’. Any once frustrated , less than precocious student, now armed with this fantastic treasure trove of new ideas shall now be revitalized.

Henceforth, The Thesaurus shall now be obsolete.

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